What We Offer

We push boundaries and focus on asset-intensive risks not taken by traditional reinsurers. Our core strength lies in asset management, product risk and liability management, as well as reinsurance market innovation and transaction design.
Our solutions are tailor-made. We take into consideration your unique situation and work with a wide range of life insurance company partners — from large-cap public companies to mid and small-cap privately held companies— to deliver fully customized reinsurance solutions that respond to your complex business issues.

Better Performance

Our unique approach drives improved competitiveness and performance for life insurance and annuity products

Increased Value

We help release embedded value on in-force, non-core lines of business and improve long-term return on equity

Unparalleled Access

Our custom solutions give clients unique access to fresh, high-quality reinsurance capacity, backed by investment grade financial strength

Expert Solutions

Through a mix of new business flow reinsurance, legacy block reinsurance, and structured financial solutions, we offer the highest level of support for Interest Sensitive Life Insurance, Indexed Life Insurance and Annuity Products, Fixed Deferred, Immediate and Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities and Pension Risk Transfer business.

New Business
Flow Reinsurance

By reinsuring a quota share of future premiums, ceding companies can drive better financial outcomes in a number of ways, including:

  • Enhancing new business volumes with more competitive products
  • Tailoring risk exposures
  • Designing more innovative products
  • Efficiently managing capital

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Block Reinsurance

By reinsuring an existing block of business, we can help give our clients greater flexibility, while managing their balance sheets and risk profiles. The benefits of legacy block reinsurance include:

  • Releasing embedded value and associated capital
  • Reallocating capital to new strategies
  • Improving Risk-Based Capital ratios

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Reinsurance Solutions

Carefully tailored structured solutions can give clients more efficient risk protection, while optimizing capital structures and minimizing capital costs. These structured solutions can:

  • Provide capital release and re-allocation without selling the business
  • Accelerate profits on existing business
  • Offer broad uses, depending on liability profile and financial motivation
  • Give clients a competitive advantage through unique, innovative solutions

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Solely focused on reinsurance, our senior team offers an average of more than 25 years’ deep global expertise with particular strength in: 

  • Asset-intensive transactions
  • Mortality risk transfers
  • Structured financial solutions
  • Product consulting and development
  • Mergers and acquisitions


We think outside the box and take an innovative, individually-tailored approach to solve your business challenges. Somerset Re’s experienced team has collectively closed hundreds of customized reinsurance transactions across a wide range of liability types and reinsurance structures.

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We partner with you, taking a deep commitment to the market and to your long-term success. With a broad appetite for liabilities, we aren’t afraid to lean into the business challenges of both large and mid-sized companies, to deliver exceptional results for our clients.