Our team of highly experienced reinsurance professionals brings deep industry knowledge and creativity, enabling Somerset to carve out a unique position in a mature market. This innovative approach, facilitated by our consultative partnership style, led ceding companies to rank Somerset Re's business capabilities #1 in NMG Consulting's 2021 US Structured Financial Solutions Study’s Portfolio Transfer Segment.
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Our Mission

Lead the insurance world to a future where retirement and financial security are available to everyone.

Our Vision

Through creativity, innovation and partnership, re-define the value of reinsurance by managing the complexities of the global insurance market.

Our Value

Our solutions are tailor-made, taking into consideration your unique situation. This bespoke approach delivers exceptional value to our customers, including

  • Improved competitiveness and performance for life insurance and annuity products
  • Release embedded value on in-force, non-core lines of business
  • Improved long-term return on equity
  • Improved regulatory and rating capital ratios
  • Access to fresh, high-quality reinsurance capacity

Our highly experienced Senior Management Team averages


years of experience in Reinsurance and Structured Solutions

Somerset has engaged with


of the Top 20 US Life Insurers


of the Top 15 Life Insurers in the World (ranked by assets)

Industry Recognition

Clients know they can count on us for the best advice and solutions, every time. In September 2021, Somerset was ranked #1 in the Business Capability Index (BCI) in NMG Consulting's 2021 US Structured Financial Solutions study. This annual study aggregates insurer feedback across five key capability areas and incorporates the expert perspectives from insurance executives and reinsurance buyers. It is recognized as the definitive benchmark of reinsurer performance by the industry.

The current environment is challenging the very existence of our clients’ role in society — the ability to provide long term financial guarantees. Supporting our clients and society at times like these is what defines our business.”

- Jeff Burt, Somerset Re Chairman and CEO

Our Offices


Somerset Re is incorporated in Bermuda and is licensed and regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. The Company's governance activities, including the meetings of its Board of Directors and major strategic decisions, are conducted and taken in Ireland.


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