Block Reinsurance

Our customized reinsurance solutions drive the best possible results for our clients. From accelerating profitability to managing risk, we take the time to truly understand your company’s unique challenges and opportunities to devise an approach that’s right for you.
We work with ceding companies to develop Legacy Block Reinsurance solutions that transfer risk and release embedded value — helping our clients effectively manage their balance sheets and risk profiles.

Accelerated Profitability

Reinsurance is an ideal solution for insurers looking to monetize the embedded value of in-force blocks of life insurance and annuity business

Releasing and Reallocating Capital

Many insurers have capital trapped in discontinued products and lines of business. We work with our customers to develop reinsurance programs that efficiently transfer risk and release the associated capital, allowing that capital to be re-deployed  to support growth for their core business

Risk Management

Reinsurance is an excellent solution for insurers who have legacy blocks of interest-sensitive life insurance and annuity business written in a higher interest rate environment. Rate compression and enhanced regulatory or rating agency capital requirements have changed the return profile for this business, making legacy blocks excellent candidates for reinsurance. 

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Proven Expertise

With extensive global reinsurance experience, our team of Legacy Block Reinsurance specialists have created solutions across a range of products, such as:

  • Interest Sensitive Life Insurance / Universal Life
  • Indexed Life Insurance and Annuity Products
  • Fixed Deferred, Immediate and Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities

If we are going to create a solution, we have to understand the problems. Somerset’s consultative approach relies on deep analysis and collaboration with our customers. This leads to more robust and sustainable reinsurance programs.”

- Brian Holland, Chief Marketing Officer

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